Whats Included


Daily Workouts

We offer a main workout and an alternative light version on Monday-Friday, plus a challenge on Saturday. Our rest day is Sunday. You can follow along or mix it up according to your weekly routine.


Wodify App Login

When you sign up to Workout With Us you gain access to Wodify. Wodify is an App where you can view all the workouts, scoreboards and track your progress.


Community Scoreboard

After you have completed your workout, you can add your score into the Wodify App. This gets posted onto the workout scoreboard where you can see your score beside other members’ scores.

track progress-01.png

Performance Tracking

The Wodify App records your results and then charts your improvements over time. You can see your progress towards your fitness goals.


Join Our Community

Join a growing community of like-minded people. Hear about other member’s struggles and triumphs. Share your workout videos and cheer on other people as they Workout With Us.

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Demo Videos For All Workouts

For every workout, there is a short video that explains the movements you will perform and the reps. It gives also gives you a few tips for your workout.

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Email Us Anytime

We are more than happy to answer any questions you have about the workouts, health and nutrition.

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Cancel Anytime

There’s no contract. Just send an email and we’ll cancel your membership no questions asked.