Habit Based, 1 on 1

Nutrition Coaching

How Does it Work?


 Step 1: A Life Changing Decision

Join us for 1-to-1 nutrition coaching that will transform your body and mind and empower you to achieve your goals.


 Step 2: Account Activation

As soon as you’ve paid for your first month, we will send you through details of how to download the app and activate your account with ProCoach, Precision Nutrition’s educational software, which we use to deliver our nutrition coaching.


 Step 3: Initial Assessment

Once you’re activated, we want to get to know you. We’ll invite you to complete a comprehensive intake assessment form. How is your nutrition at the moment? How much fitness do you do currently? What do you want from this coaching? You will also be asked for measurements and photos.


 Step 4: Your Coach

Once we’ve had a look at your details, we will pair you with a coach. This will be either Beth or Viv and you will get a message from your coach to say hi!


 Step 5: The Curriculum

You will begin receiving your daily lessons, assignments and habits on the Monday after signing up. We follow Precision Nutrition’s habit-based nutrition curriculum. It will take you on a journey of self-discovery allowing you to build your skills and become a master of your own nutrition.


 Step 6: Owner’s Manual

As part of the programme you will track your progress, gather data about yourself and reflect on your journey. This all gets compiled into your ‘Owner’s Manual’ which is a collection of information about your life, your body, your needs, wants and experiences. This will empower you to make informed decisions and ultimately enable you to take full responsibility for your nutrition going forward.


 Step 7: Weekly Check-Ins

Through the app, you will have one official weekly check-in with your coach. This is when you will receive feedback from your coach. However, you are free to message your coach at any time of the day and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, but always within 2 days.


 Step 8: Online Community

You will join our Workout With Us online community through our private facebook group where we share our triumphs, recipes and dog photos.


 Step 9: Workout With Us

As part of our nutrition coaching, we provide you with free access to our Workout With Us programme. You will receive 10-20 minute workouts to your phone 5 days a week. All you need is a pair of dumbbells - most of our members workout at home. We encourage you to log your scores on the daily scoreboard.


 Step 10: Sustainable Success

For weight to stay off and muscle to build you need time. This style of Nutrition guidance will set you up to have sustainable success for life.  This is why we ask you to commit for a minimum of 6 months but really 12 months is where we see the radical life changes


Are you ready to start the journey towards your ultimate goals?

Are you ready to learn about your nutrition, your body and yourself?

This is a life-changing decision.


*£75/Month which includes 1 on 1 nutrition coaching and access to Workout With Us fitness programme. Cancel Anytime.