3 Rounds for time with 1 min stations:








Rx = 15kg (men)/10kg (women) dumbbells

Rx+ = 22.5kg (men) and 15kg (women) dumbbells and/or double unders



Your score is the total amount of reps scored in each round.  There will be 3 scores for this workout.

Hit the Rx button if you complete the workout written in the description. If not, write the weight you used and any other scaling options in the comments. Hit the Rx+ button if you use the Rx+ weight and/or double unders.


Aim to achieve same reps on every round.  

Top Tips:

Keep moving for each station - it’s only a min of work - there is a rest station today so work towards that!

Workout Description:

Set your timer to an EMOM style (to beep every min).  Set it for 18 min.  At the beep start with max goblet squats (1x DB), 2nd min move to jump overs, then DB deadlifts, skips, swings and finally rest.  Accumulate reps from one station to the next so you have a total amount of reps to record during each rest station.  You will have 3 scores today for wodify.


Goblet Squat: Set your feet under your shoulders. Position 1x Dumbbell/Kettlebell close into your chest, chest up, hands on either side of the DB. Hips slightly move back, and descend down. Hips descend lower than the knees. Keep your weight back in your heels. Drive your knees out hard and rise to full extension at the top.

Jump Overs/Step-Ups: Feet start under your hips/shoulders, dip slightly and jump high brining your knees as close to your torso as you can landing softly over object. If you are stepping up to an object, fully stand at the top before you step back down.

DB Deadlift: Feet set under hips, hands just outside the hips, eyes downward, neutral spine, shoulders slightly in front of or over the dumbbells, arms straight and one head of dumbbell on the floor to start. Keep your shoulders pinned together and back flat. Coming up your hips and shoulders rise at the same rate until the dumbbells pass the knee, then pull your chest through and stand tall. Keep your weight back in your heels for this movement.

Single Under Skips: 1 Rotation of the rope under your feet. Keep feet together and hands close to sides. Move your wrists rather than big arms swings. If you have Double Unders as a skill - use them! If you don't have a rope then toe taps to a single dumbbell is a great sub (1 toe tap = 1 skip).

American Dumbbell Swings: Feet set up slightly wider than squat stance. DB comes down through the legs (high) with straight arms. The swing is a hinge, not a squat. Explode from the hips on the way up by squeezing glutes. Do NOT lean back at the top of the swing, keep abs engaged to avoid this. DB goes all the way overhead with biceps beside ears.

Russian Dumbbell Swings: This is performed the exact same as the American swing however you only bring the DB/KB up to eye level.