5 RFT:

5 Man Makers

10 Burpees


RX men = 2x15kg dumbbells

RX women = 2x10kg dumbbells

RX+ = 8 RFT



Man Maker: These make you crazy strong! Start in a plank position with hands on top of the dumbbells (hexagon only!), push-up (feet together, tummy tight), Row right arm, row left arm, jump your feet forward into squat stance (under your shoulders) brining the weights to your shoulders and perform a thruster (front squat and press overhead). One rep done!

Burpee: Throw both feet behind you (or step down) landing on the floor on hands with chest and thighs both contacting the floor. Jump both feet (or step) forward towards your hands and stand, jump with a clap overhead.




Note the time it takes you to complete 5 rounds and then record your score on the Wodify App.

Hit the RX button if you complete the workout as written in the description, if not write the weight you used and any other scaling options.  If you complete 8 rounds then don’t forget to hit the RX+ button.

Goal: Try to average 2.5 min per round!

Top tips: Keep the manmakers moving - it's easy to stall on these! Watch your midline stays tight as you go down in the push-up portion of the manmaker - squeeze your butt!