3 Rounds For Time:

50 Single Unders / DB Taps

10 DB Front Squat 2x10/5kg

Rx = 10kg (men)/5kg (women) dumbbells


Your score is how long it takes you to complete 3 rounds.

Hit the Rx button if you complete the workout written in the description. If not, write the weight you used and any other scaling options in the comments.


Aim for sub 10 min

Top Tips:

Reach for full depth on your squat and full extension at the top.  Keep chest up and drive knees out as you ascend.

Workout Description:

Set a timer to count up, when the beeper goes, start with your single unders then move onto your DB Front squats.  Complete another 2 rounds and record your time on wodify.


Single Under Skips: 1 Rotation of the rope under your feet. Keep feet together and hands close to sides. Move your wrists rather than big arms swings. If you have Double Unders as a skill - use them! If you don't have a rope then toe taps to a single dumbbell is a great sub (2 taps = 1 skip)

Front Squat: Start with feet with shoulder width apart with dumbbells resting on your traps (meaty bit between neck and shoulders). Position your hands on the end of the bells for balance keeping elbows high. Move your hips back and descent into squat - depth it reached when your hip crease is below the top of your knee - have someone check this for you or film yourself! Keep your back straight and abs tight. Weight should be in your heels and drive your knees out at the bottom to keep tension! Continue to drive your knees out as you ascend to the top. Rep is complete when your hips are fully extended and knees locked out.