8 Alternating Renegade Rows

8 Skull Crushers

8 Sit-Ups

8 Box Step-ups


Rx = 10kg (men)/5kg (women) dumbbells




Your score is the rounds and reps you complete in the time set.  

Hit the Rx button if you complete the workout written in the description. If not, write the weight you used and any other scaling options in the comments.


Aim for 8 rounds

Top Tips:

Keep your elbows in tight on the skull crushers - these will give you triceps tomorrow!



Workout Description:


Set an EMOM timer to beep every minute for 12 minutes or set a regular timer to countdown from 12 minutes and make sure you can see it for the whole workout. On the starter signal, begin your renegade rows. Each lift of the dumbbell is 1 rep. Alternate left and right arms. Lie on your back and complete 8 skull crushers. Anchor yourself with a heavy dumbbell or kettlebell (or piece of furniture) and do 8 sit-ups and then 8 box step-ups. Return to the renegade rows and move through the set of movements until 16 minutes is up.




Renegade Rows: Start in push-up position with hands on the dumbbells. Dumbbells are under shoulders and feet set wide. Pull left elbow high and close to side, switch sides.


Skull Crushers: Place feet flat on floor and pulled in towards the body, arch the lower back slightly and squeeze the shoulder blades together. Set DB's in a hammer grip and keep the wrists neutral throughout. Start and finish position of each rep will be arms fully extended with a slight lean towards the head – the hands should grip the dumbbells in line with the mouth. Bring DB's down to just above your head keeping elbows in tight, then drive the dumbbells back up to full lockout.


Sit-ups: Use an ab-mat, cushion or jumper to place under your lower back for support. Bring feet together in bent leg position. Lay down and bring your arms up overhead reaching for the floor. Rapidly extend upwards and bring your hands towards the front of your feet.


Box Jump: Feet start under your hips/shoulders, dip slightly and jump high brining your knees as close to your torso as you can landing softly on the box or over object. Fully stand and you have completed your rep. Stepping off the box/object is recommended. Don't have a box to jump on? That's ok - find something to jump over! Box step-ups are the same, but step up onto the box instead of jump.