5x 90s Rounds of:

20 Dumbbell Deadlift 2x15/10kg

Max Strict Pull-ups OR Push-ups

Rest 1 min between rounds

Rx = 15kg (men)/10kg (women) dumbbells

Rx+ = 22.5kg (men) and 15kg (women) dumbbells

Score: is total push-ups and/or Pull-ups

Hit the Rx button if you complete the workout written in the description. If not, write the weight you used and any other scaling options in the comments. Hit the Rx+ button if you use the Rx+ weights.


How many strict pull-ups/push-ups can you get with excellent form?  

Top Tips:

Keep a ‘hollow’ position on both the pull-ups and push-ups.  Hollow is rib cage pulled down towards belly button and bum squeezed tight.  Feet together.

Workout Description

Set your timer to beep every min to help you keep track of your time.  You have 90s to get 20 DB deadlifts done and then the rest of the time to fit in max strict pull-ups (assisted if required) or max push-ups.  Keep a tally of how many reps you are getting on each set during the 1 min rest station. You can swap between pull-ups and push-ups if you would like exposure to both movements and have the equipment available.


DB Deadlift: Feet set under hips, hands just outside the hips, eyes downward, neutral spine, shoulders slightly in front of or over the dumbbells, arms straight and one head of dumbbell on the floor to start. Keep your shoulders pinned together and back flat. Coming up your hips and shoulders rise at the same rate until the dumbbells pass the knee, then pull your chest through and stand tall. Keep your weight back in your heels for this movement.

Pull-ups: Set-up with hands in overhand grip just outside your shoulders on the bar, hang with arms extended in a hollow position (pull up to engage shoulders, feet together, bum squeezed and toes pointed). Eyes forward. Engaging your lats, pull up to bar maintaining hollow position, don't let your chest lead! Finish position is chin over bar. Descend with control. A good start is underhand position (chin ups), a little easier that the overhand grip.

Push-up: Starting in a plank position with hands just outside of shoulders and arms fully locked out. Squeeze your tummy tight and bum hard keeping feet together. Descend sending your elbows back the way until chest and thighs contact the floor, then drive up hard through your hands to full lockout of the elbows. Variations include: On toes to descend, on knees to ascend. On knees descend and ascend. On toes to raised object (table height works well).