For Time:

Buy In: 75 Single Unders

Then 5 Rounds of:

12 DB Deadlifts

12 DB Side Bends per side

Buy Out: 75 Single Unders


Rx = 10kg (men)/5kg (women) dumbbells



Your score is the time it takes you to complete all movements

Hit the Rx button if you complete the workout written in the description. If not, write the weight you used and any other scaling options in the comments.


Unbroken deadlifts today! Aim for sub 12min - no more than 2 min a round!

Top Tips:

Hold only one dumbbell when performing the side bend.


Workout Description

Set your timer to count up. On the starting signal, do 75 single unders. Move over to your dumbbells and do 12 DB Deadlifts and 12 DB on your left and 12 DB on your right side. Back into the deadlifts for the second round etc. after the last side bend on the 5th round of deadlifts and side bends move back to your skipping rope to perform 75 single unders. Stop the clock.


Single Under Skips: 1 Rotation of the rope under your feet. Keep feet together and hands close to sides. Move your wrists rather than big arms swings. If you have Double Unders as a skill - use them! If you don't have a rope then toe taps to a single dumbbell is a great sub!

DB Deadlift: Feet set under hips, hands just outside the hips, eyes downward, neutral spine, shoulders slightly in front of or over the dumbbells, arms straight and one head of dumbbell on the floor to start. Keep your shoulders pinned together and back flat. Coming up your hips and soulders rise at the same rate until the dumbbells pass the knee, then pull your chest through and stand tall. Keep your weight back in your heels for this movement.

Side Bends: Stand up straight while holding a dumbbell on the left hand (palm facing the torso) right hand remains by side, no weight . Your feet should be placed at shoulder width. Bend only at the waist to the left as far as possible. Breathe in as you bend to the side and exhale as you come back to start position. Keep the rest of the body stationary. Change hands per set not per rep.