For Time:

2 Rounds of

5 Devil’s Press

10 Burpees

20 Star Jumps

Rest 2 Mins



Rx = 15kg (men)/10kg (women) dumbbells



Your score is the time it takes you to complete all movements

Hit the Rx button if you complete the workout written in the description. If not, write the weight you used and any other scaling options in the comments.


Pace yourself in the devil's press but keep moving! How fast can you go today? Aim for 90s on each round.

Top Tips:

Use your hips and glutes in the devil's press when going up and overhead.

Workout Description

Set your timer to count up, on the starter signal begin 5 Devil’s Press into 10 Burpees and 20 Star Jumps straight into a second round of Devil’s Press, Burpees and Star Jumps Check your timer and rest for 2 minutes. Now start another 2 rounds of 5 Devil’s Press, 10 Burpees and 20 Star Jumps. Stop the clock.


Devil's Press: Start with the dumbbells on the ground. Perform a burpee (chest and thighs to floor) with the hands on the bells. From here step or jump the feet in. Pick the dumbbells up off of the ground (between the feet) with a flat back, heels down, bent knees, straight arms. Then using a swing between the legs in one fluid movement, bring the dumbbells overhead. Lock out arms overhead with the biceps by the ears. Keep the belly tight and . . .squeeze your bum! Tips: Keep good positions – heels down and chest up – as you lower the weight back to the ground for the next rep.

Burpee: Throw both feet behind you (or step down) landing on the floor on hands with chest and thighs both contacting the floor. Jump both feet (or step) forward towards your hands and stand, jump with a clap overhead.

Down-up: Same as burpee to descend, just omit the jump and clap overhead. Star Jumps: Back to primary school days with these! Feet together, hands by your sides. Bring both feet out laterally and hands overhead then return to start position. Easy as that!