5 DB Power Clean 15/10

10 TT DB (Toes To Dumbbell)


RX men = 2x15kg dumbbells

RX women = 2x10kg dumbbells

RX+ = AMRAP 16 and/or use Toes to Bar if you have access to a bar



Dumbbell Power Clean:

Both heads of the dumbbell touch the floor, rapidly stand and squeeze your bum brining the dumbbells up to your shoulders with an aggressive shrug. You can land in a partial or full squat in this movement and return to full standing position.

Toes to Dumbbell/piece of furniture:

Start lying on the floor with both arms overhead hanging onto heavy dumbbells OR a sturdy piece of furniture. Squeezing your bum and feet together (point your toes and make it pretty!) raise your feet up and bring them to the dumbbells/anchor overhead. When you return your feet to start position, keep your bum squeeze and abs engaged as you lower your legs with control. Aim to NOT touch the floor keeping abs contracted. It's hard - have fun!

Toes to Bar:

You will start with a dead hang from the pull-up bar with hands just outside your shoulders. Initiate a kip swing by keeping body tight and opening and closing your ribcage. Push down on the bar keeping the arms long and liftitng your knees extending your legs up to the bar making contact with the toes. Tip - keep feet squeezed together and toes pointed!



Note the total rounds and reps you complete in 10 minutes and then record your score on the Wodify App.

Hit the RX button if you complete the workout as written in the description, if not write the weight you used and any other scaling options.  If you keep going for 16 minutes and/or you perform toes to bar to a bar then don’t forget to hit the RX+ button.

Goal: 11 Rounds

Top tips: As many rounds and reps in 10 min as you can!! Top tips today - find an anchor (like a table or dresser) for your toes to dumbbell if dumbbell does not stay on the floor! Don't let your feet come down and touch the floor in each rep on the TTDB