100 Single Unders/100 DB taps

10 OH DB Sit-ups 22.5/15kg

10 Push-ups


RX men = 2x15kg dumbbells

RX women = 2x10kg dumbbells

RX+ = 50 Double Unders instead of 100 Single Unders



Single Unders/Hops:

1 Rotation of the rope under your feet. Keep feet together and hands close to sides. Move your wrists rather than big arms swings. If you have Double Unders as a skill - use them! If you don't have a rope then toe taps to dumbbell.


Starting in a plank position with hands just outside of shoulders and arms fully locked out. Squeeze your tummy tight and bum hard keeping feet together. Descend sending your elbows back the way until chest and thighs contact the floor, then drive up hard through your hands to full lockout of the elbows.


Use an ab-mat, cushion or jumper to place under your lower back for support. Bring feet together in bent leg position. Lay down and bring your arms up overhead reaching for the floor. Rapidly extend upwards and bring your hands towards the front of your feet. If this is a challenge and your feet keep poppin up - find a place to anchor them! For overhead DB sit-ups - hold the dumbbell with 2 hands and do not bring the dumbbell back to the floor, keep it overhead with arms locked out. As you come up bring your head between your arms.



Note the total rounds and reps you complete in 14 minutes and then record your score on the Wodify App.

Hit the RX button if you complete the workout as written in the description, if not write the weight you used and any other scaling options. If you perform 50 double unders instead of 100 single unders, then hit the RX+ button.


Goal: aim to do one round every 90s-2min

Top tips: Keep squeezing your bum in those pushups and keep your feet together tight to hold your midline position.