3 Rounds For Time:

200m Run

12 DB Snatch alternating 10/5kg


RX men = 2x10kg dumbbells

RX women = 2x5kg dumbbells



Dumbbell Snatch:

For the Dumbbell Snatch start with your feet hip-width apart and Dumbbell between both feet. Shoulders should come just over the dumbbell at set-up. Lumbar curve maintained (flat back) as you raise your hips and shoulders at the same time. Squeeze your bum hard and extend hips rapidly. Shoulder shrugs followed by a high pull of the arm and then receive the dumbbell overhead with hips full extended or in a partial squat. Complete rep by staning up tall.


Map out a 200m run on your phone (map my run works well for this). You will only need to do this once and you will then have your distance to travel! If running is not an option today then row, bike or any cardio equipment you have in the house. If not then you are going to run on the spot for or do toe taps onto a dumbbell for 45s.



Note the time it takes you to complete 3 rounds and then record your score on the Wodify App.

Hit the RX button if you complete the workout as written in the description, if not write the weight you used and any other scaling options.


Goal: sub 8min

Top tips: Aim to keep dumbbell snatches unbroken. If fatiguing, then drop under into a power snatch and return to standing position to finish