4 RFT:







Your score is total time taken to complete 4 rounds.

Hit the Rx button if you complete the workout written in the description. If not, write the weight you used and any other scaling options in the comments.


Aim for sub 14 min.

Top Tips:

Steady pace on this one.  Stay controlled on the wall climbs and only go to a height that is comfortable remembering what goes up must come down!

Workout Description:

Set your timer to count up.  Start with 10 Mountain climbers (2 feet travelling = 1 rep) then 20 sit-ups, 30 airsquats and finally 4 wall climbs.  Complete 3 more rounds and record your total time to wodify.


Mountain Climbers: Place hands on the floor (or DB’s if wrists are sore) just under your shoulders, hold a plank position with hands. Bring one leg up towards dumbbells while the other leg is back, then bring the other one forward as the other travels back like you are running . . . up a mountain. Keep tummy tight as you do this. *Scaled option - find a raised object (low stair or table) place hands on edge and bring feet back and forth in and out of lunge position.

Sit-ups: Use an ab-mat, cushion or jumper to place under your lower back for support. Bring feet together in bent leg position. Lay down and bring your arms up overhead reaching for the floor. Rapidly extend upwards and bring your hands towards the front of your feet. If this is a challenge and your feet keep popping up - find a place to anchor them! For overhead DB sit-ups - hold the dumbbell with 2 hands and do not bring the dumbbell back to the floor, keep it overhead with arms locked out. As you come up bring your head between your arms. Scale option is a crunch, hands behind head, feet anchored, crunch ribcage down towards pelvis.

Airsquat: Place your feet shoulder width apart, chest up and tummy tight. Send hips back and descend until top of knee is below your hip crease. Stay on your heels and drive your knees up as you come out of the squat. Finish with hips fully extended standing tall.

Wall Climb: Start with feet against wall torso on floor, hands in pushup position on floor. Push up (on knees if required) and bring hands as close to the wall as you can, meanwhile your feet start climbing the wall (shoes required or grippy socks). Keep abs engaged and bum squeezed tight, climb as high as you are able to. RX repetition is nose to wall. Remember we must come down in a controlled manner, climbing down with hands leading so don't go all the way up and not be able to get down!

Plank: In a Push-up position, arms locked out with hands under shoulders and feet together, hold for required time. Keep abs and bum squeezed tight to protect your lower back. Scaled option would be from knees.