3 rounds for max reps of:

30s burpees

30s rest

30s DB Thrusters 15/10kg

30s rest

30s DB Deadlift 15/10kg

30x rest

30s Sit-ups

30s rest

30s Step-ups

30s rest

RX men = 2x10kg dumbbells

RX women = 2x5kg dumbbells



Throwing both feet behind you land on the floor on hands with chest and thighs both contacting the floor. Bring both feet forward towards hands and stand, jump with a clap overhead.


Set-up: Feet are set just under the shoulders in squat stance. Elbows in front of the dumbbells, dumbbells rests on your shoulders (front rack position). Hips descend back and down, bringing hips lower than knees, lumbar curve maintained, knees in line with toes keeping elbows off knees in bottom position, hips and knees extend rapidly, then arms press up and overhead. Complete at when standing tall.


Set-up: Feet set under hips, hands just outside the hips, eyes downward, neutral spine, shoulders slightly in front of or over the dumbbells, arms straight and one head of dumbbell on the floor to start. Lumbar curve maintained, hips and shoulders rise at the same rate until the dumbbells pass the knee, hips then open, and the dumbbells move over the middle of the foot, heels down. Complete at full standing position.


With a cushion, ab mat or hoody placed in the curve of your spin, lay on floor with soles of feet together bring legs towards you. Arms extend back touch floor overhead and rapidly extend forward to touch floor in front of toes. For the overhead sit-up, keep the single dumbbell in both hands with arms locked out. The dumbbell does not travel back to touch floor, keep it always in locked out position over body.

Box Step Ups:

Step up onto the box by leading with one leg. The second leg should follow but should not touch the box until the leading leg is fully extended. Alternate legs each rep or after every 5 reps.



Note the number of reps you make for each movement (probably best to have paper and pen handy!) then add these up at the end. Score will be total movements added together for each round.

Hit the RX button if you complete the workout as written in the description, if not write the weight you used and any other scaling options.

Goal: to finish with the same reps on each movement on round 3 as you started with on round 1! Take your rest to track your reps completed for each movement.

Top Tips: Use only one dumbbell for weighted sit-ups. Box step-ups: Light crew will be stepping up to a stair. Deadlifts only one head of the dumbbell touches the floor.