1 TO 10





Rx = 15kg (men)/10kg (women) dumbbells

Rx+ = 22.5kg (men) and 15kg (women) dumbbells



Your score is the time taken to complete the workout.

Hit the Rx button if you complete the workout written in the description. If not, write the weight you used and any other scaling options in the comments. Hit the Rx+ button if you use the Rx+ weights.


Aim for sub 13 min and unbroken on all movements.

Top Tips:

Send hips back on the deadlifts and keep shoulders together - back flat!

Workout Description:

Set a timer to up, at 3,2,1 GO start with 1 Deadlift, 1 Power Clean and 1 Burpee.  Then 2 Deadlifts, 2 Power Cleans and 2 Burpees.  Continue going up 1 rep a round until your reach 10, 10 and 10.  Take your time and upload to wodify.


DB Deadlift: Feet set under hips, hands just outside the hips, eyes downward, neutral spine, shoulders slightly in front of or over the dumbbells, arms straight and one head of dumbbell on the floor to start. Keep your shoulders pinned together and back flat. Coming up your hips and shoulders rise at the same rate until the dumbbells pass the knee, then pull your chest through and stand tall. Keep your weight back in your heels for this movement.

Dumbbell Clean: Both heads of the dumbbell touch the floor, rapidly stand and squeeze your bum bringing the dumbbells up to your shoulders with an aggressive shrug. You can land in a partial or full squat in this movement and return to full standing position.

Burpee: Throw both feet behind you (or step down) landing on the floor on hands with chest and thighs both contacting the floor. Jump both feet (or step) forward towards your hands and stand, jump with a clap overhead. Downup: Same as burpee to descend, just omit the jump and clap overhead.