5 Z Press

10 DB Lunges Alternating Legs

15 Hops over DB


Rx = 10kg (men)/5kg (women) dumbbells



Your score is the rounds and reps you complete in 10 minutes. 

Hit the Rx button if you complete the workout written in the description. If not, write the weight you used and any other scaling options in the comments.


Aim for 4-5 Rounds.

Top Tips:

Keep tight in your abs for the seated Z Press - this movement builds tremendous shoulder strength. For the lunges, hold the DB's in a suitcase style down by your sides. Keep your chest up for these and take a big long step for each lunge ensuring your knee doesn't track over your front foot. Drive through your heel and bum to stand.

Workout Description:

Set your timer to count down from 10 minutes. Sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you. On the start signal, perform 5 Z press. Move quickly to the DB lunges, holding the DB like you would a suitcase. Alternate legs until you have completed 10 reps. Put the DB on the ground and hop two footed over the DB and back again. As much as possible keep these hops moving. Now begin back at the Z Press etc. keep moving through the set of movements until the timer signals you to stop.


Seated Z-Press: To start take a seat on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you, heels pressed into floor. Bring the dumbbells to your shoulders (front rack position). Brace your core, and press the dumbbells overhead so that the biceps are beside your ears and arms locked out. These should be done with no back support of a wall.

Lunges: Start with feet under hips. Take a big lunge/step forward, don't let knee track over toe and bring the back knee down to touch floor. Drive through your heel and bum to full stand and swap legs.

DB Hops: Keeping feet together, position yourself side on to a dumbbell. Hop over the dumbbell and then back again. Keep light on your feet landing on the balls of your feet.