3 Rounds For Time:

3 Man Makers 10/5kg

20 Air squats

Rx = 10kg (men)/5kg (women) dumbbells


Your score will be the total time it takes you to complete 3 rounds of the movements.

Hit the Rx button if you complete the workout written in the description. If not, write the weight you used and any other scaling options in the comments..


Aim to keep each round to 2.5 min - unbroken airsquats!

Top Tips:

Use your hips to drive up from the squat on the man makers and squeeze your bum hard as you go overhead.

Workout Description

Set your timer to count up. At the sound of the start signal, get started on your Man Makers, once 5 are complete, move on to 20 air squats - aim for unbroken on the air squats.  Complete 2 more rounds and take and record your time.


Man Maker: These make you crazy strong! Start in a plank position with hands on top of the dumbbells (hexagon only!), press-up (feet together, tummy tight), Row right arm, row left arm, jump your feet forward into squat stance (under your shoulders) bringing the weights to your shoulders and perform a thruster (front squat and press overhead). One rep done!  SCALE OPTION: Pushup to knees - row left, row right, clean DB’s to shoulders, front squat - done.

Air Squat: Place your feet shoulder width apart, chest up and tummy tight. Send hips back and descend until top of knee is below your hip crease. Stay on your heels and drive your knees up as you come out of the squat. Finish with hips fully extended standing tall.