200M RUN / 45s CARDIO




Rx = 10kg (men)/5kg (women) dumbbells



Your score will be the total rounds and reps completed in 10 min.

Hit the Rx button if you complete the workout written in the description. If not, write the weight you used and any other scaling options in the comments.



Aim for 3 plus rounds

Top Tips:

Keep back flat as you come out of the burpee for press portion of the devil's press - another great option as you fatigue is to clean the db's to shoulders and push press overhead (dip, drive).


Workout Description

Set your timer to count down from 10 min. At the sound of the start signal, get started on the run / cardio option, then 5 Devil’s Press and finally 10 Sit-ups or crunches.  Complete as many rounds and reps as possibly in 10 min.  Record your score to wodify and weights used.


Devil's Press: Start with the dumbbells on the ground. Perform a burpee (chest and thighs to floor) with the hands on the bells. From here step or jump the feet in. Pick the dumbbells up off of the ground (between the feet) with a flat back, heels down, bent knees, straight arms. Then using a swing between the legs in one fluid movement, bring the dumbbells overhead. Lock out arms overhead with the biceps by the ears. Keep the belly tight and . . .squeeze your bum!

Tips: Keep good positions – heels down and chest up – as you lower the weight back to the ground for the next rep. You can also clean dumbbells to shoulders from the burpee and push press overhead.

Sit-ups: Use an ab-mat, cushion or jumper to place under your lower back for support. Bring feet together in bent leg position. Lay down and bring your arms up overhead reaching for the floor. Rapidly extend upwards and bring your hands towards the front of your feet. If this is a challenge and your feet keep popping up - find a place to anchor them! For overhead DB sit-ups - hold the dumbbell with 2 hands and do not bring the dumbbell back to the floor, keep it overhead with arms locked out. As you come up bring your head between your arms. Scale option is a crunch, hands behind head, feet anchored, crunch ribcage down towards pelvis.