Strength: The How-to and Why


April sees the start of our new Strength Programme. Whilst our core programmes: Workout and Workout Light are designed for people who want to keep fit, but don’t have access to a gym, our strength programme is for people who do have access to gym equipment and are keen to build strength with the support from guidance and community. Read on if you want to know more about our Strength Programme and to see if it is for you.

Let’s first address why we need to incorporate strength building into our daily workouts.  Most of us today find ourselves in very sedentary lifestyles through either our jobs our daily life mostly due to modern age conveniences in how we now get our food, wash our clothes, drive to work etc.  As a result, our muscles waste away, our bones lose density (this happens in our 30’s!) and mobility and balance start to lessen in a major way. 


How do we stop this process that can lead us to the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, depression, the list goes on?  Strength training mixed with high intensity workouts is a simple and extremely effective solution. Working with a group of older adults (ages 55-85) in a CrossFit Gym delivering both strength training and high intensity workouts has shown us it is never too late to start and they are reaping the benefits!  


Main Compound Lifts:

So you want to start?  Jump right in!  Just a few things to note about this program:

 It is a 14 week cycle delivered in 2 waves of 7 weeks, but don’t worry about starting at the beginning of a cycle. All you need to know to start is roughly the maximum you can lift on the main lifts. You should take some time to test them (do this safely with a spotter) working up to your heaviest weight for your main lifts which are:

  • Strict Press

  • Deadlift

  • Bench

  • Back Squat

 Once you have these numbers, we have provided a handy chart which will do all the calculations for you!  Click on the image below to download the excel sheet.

 Accessory Work:

 We cannot stress enough how important the accessory work is.  ‘Accessory’ really is the wrong word as it means ‘contributing to or aiding an activity or process in a minor way’.  There is nothing minor about the strength you will get from the accessory work.  Make sure when you are doing each accessory movement you are lifting the max weight you can with excellent form.  Move up in weight when it feels completely manageable.  A great way to work through your accessory is to ‘superset’ each movement.  Basically, you create a small circuit and go from one movement to the next until your 3 rounds are done.  


What if I don’t know the movement?

There hopefully will be movements you don’t know on this programme!  We like to keep things interesting this way and make everyday a learning day.  Knowing this we have created a Strength Movement Library, you can link to this through our Members Strength page once you have signed up with Workout With Us Strength.  You will also have access to your workout each day through an app called Wodify which you can download for free from the Apple Store or Google Play.


How do I track my progress?

 Upon sign up you will receive an email with instructions on how to set up and sign into our app called Wodify. Through this app you will know what your daily workout is and you will log in your scores/weights lifted each day to keep track.  We encourage you to do this even if it feels like you are starting from the very beginning, it is an excellent way to measure your progress!  


Online Community

 Workout With Us pride ourselves in our online community and support network.  Too often we can feel alone in our workouts and struggle to keep the momentum going.  Our brilliant online community through our Facebook Members page and comments received on Wodify help to keep us going and most of all accountable!  Anytime you have a question either DM, email us or pop it on the Facebook page - often members have the same question so it works really well to do it this way!


Want to sign up?  Click the ‘Join Us’ button to get started!