Everything you need to know about…Dumbbells


The humble familiar silhouette of a dumbbell has a lot to answer for. Best known for its role in bicep enlargement, its many and varied talents are its best kept secret … known only by very fit and very strong individuals. This deadly iron structure can turn boys into men and girls into beasts. 

Here are three reasons why they are so good: 

  1. They build muscle. Muscle is good and leads to us all looking great. They do this by overloading the muscles which is what makes muscles grow. This can be done either by using very heavy dumbbells or using light dumbbells in high reps. 

  2. Dumbbell exercises really help the fibres in our muscles work together efficiently. This is also true for connecting muscles working together. The more we use the muscles the more efficient they get and the stronger they get. 

  3. Dumbbells are small, portable and allow us to do a lot of different exercises using just one piece of equipment. This means that we can keep our muscles guessing what is coming next. This workout variety is key to growing muscle, improving our fitness and getting our bodies in shape. 

(Beth also likes the fact they don’t take up too much space in her wee flat!)

There are different types of dumbbells that you can buy:

Fixed Rubber Dumbbells

These are the type that you would see on a long rack at a globogym. They usually go pretty heavy in a gym – like even up to 50kg

The great thing about these dumbbells are that their rubber casing stops them damaging the floor and they look good. 

The rounded edge makes them pretty unstable in floor exercises and you have to buy multiple pairs if you want to use different weights. 

Adjustable Dumbbells

These can be very useful to have when you want to change down or up the weight according to the workout that day. 

They often work out quite cost effective because you just buy one adjustable set which does you for heavy dumbbell use and light use.

We think they are great for some movements, but not great at all for floor-based exercises because they just don’t provide a solid base. 

Fixed Hex Dumbbells

These are our favourite type. 

They are just a fixed rubber dumbbells but the ends are shaped like a hexagon and thus the name. 

The reason that we love them is that they are ideal for being able to pick up and put down on the floor without worrying about them rolling about the place. We do a lot of picking up and putting down in our workouts so it suits us perfectly. 

They are also great for floor based exercises like devil’s press, renegade row and man makers. 

So you’ve decided on the kind of dumbbells you want, but you don’t really know what size to go for… 

5kg – These are great for beginner girls especially If you haven’t done much/any weight training before – start here. They may feel a little easy, but after a whole workout they’ll work you hard, rest assured! 

7.5kg – These are for girls that want something slightly more challenging than beginner weights but are not sure about going too heavy just yet. Guys this is your beginner weight. 

10kg – These are pretty heavy for girls! You may not be able to manage all the workouts with 10kgs unless you have a bit of previous weight training. Guys you should be fine with these, but they can get really tough so beware!

15kg – These are what we use generally as our RX or prescribed weight for girls. They are heavy. If you are using 15kg dumbbells then you are going to be pretty fit right now. Guys you’ll find these heavy, but doable if you’ve had some previous gym. 

17.5kg – Guys, only get these if you feel you need an intermediate weight to get you up to the RX weight. 

22.5kg – This is the RX or prescribed weight for guys in the majority of our workouts. This weight may well destroy you – in a good way! You don’t need to be lifting this weight to get you in good 

We suggest you just get one pair to start with and see how it goes. When you start seeing results, you can decide whether you want to invest in another set. The ideal is to have two pairs – a lighter pair and a heavier pair. 

For example: We would use 15kgs for heavier workouts and 10kgs for lighter. However, we could also happily do all the workouts just using the 10kgs and still get an awesome workout. So it’s not a problem if you just have the one pair. 

Here are some examples of the best prices you can get for them on amazon: 

5kg dumbbells £15  http://amzn.eu/d/g0bd804 

10kg dumbbells £30 http://amzn.eu/d/2L87ncc 

15Kg Dumbbells £40 http://amzn.eu/d/9sKArlJ 

22.5kg dumbbells £55 http://amzn.eu/d/b75aP2N 

Good luck with your dumbbells. You won’t regret this body transformational investment… well actually you might mid-workout when your new pair of dumbbells is kicking your butt!

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