A Starting Point

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It’s that time of the year when we’ve overindulged and are considering what a new year will bring. A lot of us will see a new year as a time to make some healthy life changes to improve our lives. This is different for everyone, but it all begins with a starting point.

Starting points are pretty challenging. You have to take a critical look at where you are at and sometimes that is difficult to do. The truth is, though, that coming to terms with who you are now can be incredibly freeing and motivational. Particularly at this time of year when we put our health to the back of our minds in order to enjoy treaty food and a few tipples. By acknowledging and accepting the now, it allows us to see the path ahead more clearly and with optimism.

We think starting points are an incredibly powerful way to stamp a new beginning onto your life. So, to help you we’ve put together a quick guide, so you can create a starting point.

1.       What do you want to change?

What is it about your life, right now, that needs to change? It might by a something to do with your body or it might be mental health related. How do you know these things need to change?

Understanding the why is important because it gives us the reason for making the change. It means that when we are feeling demotivated, we can go back to our starting point to remind us why we are doing this. It might feel uncomfortable considering negative thoughts and feelings but expressing these can really help us to tackle change.

2.       What are you going to do about it?

What tools are you going to use to make these changes? Be as general or specific as you like, but be realistic. Remember this is something that needs to be about to work in your life. It could be about fitness or nutrition or both (we obviously suggest both!)

Figuring out a plan to tackle change is key. It is all very well wanting to do something, but without a solid and workable plan then it will be difficult to succeed. Workout With Us could be your plan or you might have another plan that will work. Whatever it is do your research and make sure it is a plan you can stick to.  

3.       What do you think that will look like?

Describe how your plan is going to play out in your day to day life. Where are you going to make the changes? What will you do? How will you feel? Focus on the positive aspects.

Visualising your plan has a significant impact on its success. Studies have shown that visualising the future can help you achieve it. In fact, if you can imagine vividly yourself doing your plan with emotion attached, your brain chemistry actually changes as if the experience was real! It also can focus our minds to prioritise certain goals.

4.       What do you want out of it?

This is where you describe your goals. We suggest you don’t put down a number on a scale or a dress size, but instead focus on what you want out of the journey. How do you want to feel and what do you want to experience?

Hard goals can be helpful, but they also can be a barrier so that when we have set backs the goals look further away than ever and this can stop us from getting there. Instead it’s a good idea to think about the journey and how we want to feel. This allows us to enjoy the process and gives us a sense of achievement every day.

5.       Take a photo

This can be a difficult thing to do for some and super easy for others.

We encourage you to take an underwear photo at your starting point. You don’t need to share it with anyone, just store it away. It is so encouraging to see how far you have come and without a photo at your starting point you will never feel that feeling of satisfaction that you have come so far!  


One brave Workout With Us member has allowed us to share their starting point with us and we are so excited to see how far she can go in 2019:


 “I am carrying more weight than ever before at 87 kg. I have to squeeze to do up my favourite winter coat. I can't fit most of my dresses. When I wake up in the morning, I feel stiff and tense. In the evenings I eat sugary treats. I love myself too much to carry on like this. I've done a lot of inner work and emotional healing and now it's time to do the work of looking after my body. As a working mum, I'm not going to set aside hours for gymming, I'll be doing 'workoutwithus' for ten minutes (or twenty?!) when the kids are in bed.... red-faced, prancing around in lycra, sweating on the carpet of my living room in my flat in Glasgow. Then I'll feel awesome and make a cup of tea and log on to the app to complain about how mean Beth and Viv are, haha. I've signed up with two other pals, I hope they will give me some encouraging chat, it will be kind of fun to see how we get on”


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