About Us


We are Beth and Viv and we became best friends when we met in our local Crossfit gym in 2013. We realised quickly that, whilst we both weren’t that fit, we shared a passion for getting fit. 

We are real people with jobs and families who personally understand how difficult it is to be consistent when juggling life. 

Together we have transformed ourselves by being consistent in our training and motivating and encouraging each other. Workout With Us is born out of our passion to share with people how incredible life feels when you are fit, strong and healthy. 

This shouldn’t only be for people who have time and money. 

Beth-Crossfit Level 1 Trainer-Workout With Us


Beth is a high school music teacher. When she is not teaching, she is mum to 2-year-old Evan, writing assignments for a masters in Mental Health and Education and testing Workout With Us workouts in her living room. She has a BSc in Psychology, Crossfit Level 1 Trainer Certificate and Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate.

Vivian-Crossfit Glasgow-Crossfit Level 2 Trainer


Viv is an experienced Crossfit trainer at Crossfit Glasgow, programming and coaching regular classes as well as running the over 50s programme. She does personal training sessions at her home gym and is also mum to two teenagers. She has Crossfit Level 2 Trainer and Crossfit Gymnastics Certificates as well as a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certificate.

Workout With Us is for…

Busy people who need quick, effective workouts you can do anywhere

People who can get to the gym, but need an affordable fitness plan and accountability

Workout With Us- Daily Home Workouts-Home WOD-Leg Workouts-HIIT

Beth-Viv-Workout With Us-Crossfit trainers-Crossfit Daily Workouts

Workout With Us will help you… 

  • Lose weight

  • Be fitter, stronger and healthier

  • Build confidence

  • Be motivated to reach your goals

  • Look forward to working out!